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Non - image, narrative movement


The "Non-image-Narrative Movement" exhibition, organized and hosted by the Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum (M21), opened at M21 on November 20th. "Non-image" presents more than 70 pieces of Chinese art and more than 70 pieces of painting, video and photography for more than 30 years, including the success of the artist's early years, including the artist specifically for this exhibition creation of new work.

The exhibition in the performance of the content, "non-image" proposition of the image of the authenticity and typical of the questioned, the collapse of the people's understanding of the theme of the image. In the creative means, the artist relies more on the existing vocabulary to describe his feelings of life and the observation of the times, Wang Gongxin "smoke in the camellia" depicts the cruelty of the Sino-Vietnamese war warmth. Xu Feng, Meng Luodin, Gu Liming In the 1980s, the works of "fission", "Yuan", "cross" and so on not only in the visual and artistic expression of the language of the abstract painting exploration, painting materials, etc. also actively carried out Various experiments, tea, Xuan paper, herbs and other materials are painting, the breadth of painting to further increase. Painting, the exhibition also presents a number of video works. After the emergence of new media art, it was used to rebel the established art logic. New technology has brought new creative means, but the art creation has not abandoned the "image" of the discussion. Zhang Peili "focal length", "last words", "joy" are our daily life of the established understanding of the collapse. Li Yongbin video art masterpiece "face" series from the performance of their own image, to explore the limitations of self-examination under the conditions and the form.

The deconstruction of the traditional narrative model of the "non-image" exhibition breaks our image in our minds, trying to further open the imagination and think space. Artistic creation breaks through many borders and presents the openness of the development of art and other disciplines. The exhibition also selected some of the mysterious experience, "non-scientific" works, imagine the knowledge of the border "image" of the wandering. Such as Zheng Guogu "brain line" completed from the symbol to learn the change of energy, Tang Nannan's "cast waves for the mountain" will be the integration of geography and life, the twinkling of an eternal, thin and small.

The 21st century Minsheng Art Museum Tang Nannan works exhibition site

The 21st century Minsheng Art Museum Tang Nannan works exhibition site