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Li Zhenhua \ Tan Nannan Talk: Monthly Globalization (excerpt)

December 21, 2015

Li Zhenhua hereinafter referred to as Li, Tang Nannan hereinafter referred to as soup.

Media interchange

Lee: I have a big question about your work, about the conversion between traditional media and new media.

Soup: may be due to the previous attempt more, graduate students are basically in the painting before. Reading stage I learned the new media, took a lot of video. After graduation, with the increasing demands of the video works, found that they can not complete the video works independently. After 2005 to give up the video began to do photography. The middle also continue to write some textual things.

In 2009, I was admitted to Dr. Qiu Qiu (Qiu Zhijie), Dr. Qiu asked to stop the previous work, began to do cultural studies. 3 years after I basically do research side to do some programs. These programs only consider the visual experience and psychological needs, and no media restrictions, and now think of it a bit unrestrained feeling.