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Compared with its calmness and clearness today, the surface of the ocean is dark and mysterious in memory, numerous monsters lurking beneath its surging tides. It was chaos without the existence of man, without any border between land and sea, even without land, allowing the water to travel to anywhere it pleased…

Recalling those scenes, I drew them down: the beast in the teenager’s mind of me, and the legends told by the old fishermen were all shining through in the paper, replaying the illusion in literation, and the castles in the air. I gradually grasped the essence of the Chinese landscape painting created by ancestors, with the waves and clouds interweaving, the emotion and mist permeating. The sea didn’t look like sea anymore, only to see the waves and mountain overlapping.

However, I still haven’t found the boundless ocean of my memory, which is the ocean before the appearance of man. Imagine the first human to see the ocean, where you may glimpse someone familiar walking towards you, but you are not able to distinguish his contour clearly-exactly like the fact that you are from the ocean but you know so little about it. You would ask yourself whether to return or not, for the surging waves of the forgetting sea didn’t make you want to pull into the shore.



遗忘之海 7 Oblivious Ocean 7 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 76×145cm×6 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 7 Ink on Paper 76×145cm×6 2013

遗忘之海 8 Oblivious Ocean 8 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 79x74cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 8 Ink on Paper 79x74cm 2013

遗忘之海 12 Oblivious Ocean 12 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 91.8×74.5cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 12 Ink on Paper 91.8×74.5cm 2013

遗忘之海 20 Oblivious Ocean 20 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 75×145cm×4 2014.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 20 Ink on Paper 75×145cm×4 2014

遗忘之海 247 Oblivious Ocean 247 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 35×36cm 2015.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 247 Ink on Paper 35×36cm 2015

遗忘之海420 Oblivious Ocean420 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 97×180cm×4 2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean420 Ink on Paper 97×180cm×4 2017

遗忘之海 37 Oblivious Ocean 37 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 75.3×144cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 37 Ink on Paper 75.3×144cm 2013

遗忘之海 42 Oblivious Ocean 42 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 58.6×93.5cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 42 Ink on Paper 58.6×93.5cm 2013

遗忘之海 45 Oblivious Ocean 45 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 71.8×46.4cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 45 Ink on Paper 71.8×46.4cm 2013

遗忘之海 82 Oblivious Ocean 82 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 47.2×62cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 82 Ink on Paper 47.2×62cm 2013

遗忘之海 131 Oblivious Ocean 131 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 62.6×37.2cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 131 Ink on Paper 62.6×37.2cm 2013

遗忘之海 132 Oblivious Ocean 132 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 59.4×30cm 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 132 Ink on Paper 59.4×30cm 2013

遗忘之海 134 Oblivious Ocean 134 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 80.5×34.9cm 2011.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 134 Ink on Paper 80.5×34.9cm 2011

遗忘之海 190 Oblivious Ocean 190 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 96×178cm×5 2013.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 190 Ink on Paper 96×178cm×5 2013

遗忘之海 191 Oblivious Ocean 191 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 96×180cm×3 2014.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 191 Ink on Paper 96×180cm×3 2014

遗忘之海 235 Oblivious Ocean 235 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 114×68cm 2015.jpg

遗忘之海 235 Oblivious Ocean 235 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 114×68cm 2015

遗忘之海 265 Oblivious Ocean 265 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 70×35cm 2015.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 265 Ink on Paper 70×35cm 2015

遗忘之海 272 Oblivious Ocean 272 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 100×97cm 2016.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 272 Ink on Paper 100×97cm 2016

遗忘之海 429 Oblivious Ocean429 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 109×77cm2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 429 Ink on Paper 109×77cm 2017

遗忘之海 430 Oblivious Ocean430 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 245x124cm 2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 430 Ink on Paper 245x124cm 2017

遗忘之海330 Oblivious Ocean330 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 98×1180cm×4 2016.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 330 Ink on Paper 98×1180cm×4 2016

遗忘之海331 Oblivious Ocean331 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 70×142cm×4 2016.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 331 Ink on Paper 70×142cm×4 2016

遗忘之海333 Oblivious Ocean333 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 89×156cm×5 2016.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 333 Ink on Paper 89×156cm×5 2016

遗忘之海421 Oblivious Ocean421 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 69×139cm×4 2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 421 Ink on Paper 69×139cm×4 2017

遗忘之海422 Oblivious Ocean422 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 69×139cm×4 2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 422 Ink on Paper 69×139cm×4 2017

遗忘之海424  Oblivious Ocean424 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 66×48cm 2017.jpg

Oblivious Ocean 424 Ink on Paper 66×48cm 2017