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C-Print|60x80cm 56pieces 2006-2008 year


"Can not see the distance" is the original tour, is a documentary way to shoot primary school to the university life process place, is the past self and now self dialogue.

These sites in the abandoned campus, the old city and urban and rural areas, the environment is relatively old. Sang Nanan likes to make noon sunshine into the night feeling, wall road life and time traces to strengthen the narrative. People and the environment seamless, often in a posture to another posture from the embarrassing state of transition. This kind of mobile, anti-time anti-posture is viewed in order to correspond to the subjectivity and uncertainty of memory and amnesia.

It is because of this subjectivity, so that these seemingly documentary works, the integration of a strong personal temperament, revealing a heavy sense of loneliness and helpless embarrassment. More like a mirror, reflecting the change can not breathe behind the shadow left in the hearts of everyone.

BeiShiZi Road East,Xiamen 2007

Qigan Road,Xiamen 2007

36Qi Road,Xiamen 2007

ShaPoWei Southeast,Xiamen 2007

TongFengDi Road,Xiamen 2008

SiMingBei Road,Xiamen 2006

BaGuaCheng,Xiamen 2007

BeiShiZi Road West,Xiamen 2007

BuJian Tian,Xiamen 2007

DaTie Road,Xiamen 2007

DaTieDao Road North,Xiamen 2007

DaTieDao Road South,Xiamen 2007

DaTieDao Road West,Xiamen 2007

DaJingJiao Road,Xiamen 2007

DaZiJiu Road,Xiamen 2007

The First Ferry,Xiamen 2007

Dianqian,Xiamen 2007

GuGong Road,Xiamen 2007

GuangCai Road,Xiamen 2007

Train Station East,Xiamen 2007

Train Station West,Xiamen 2007

JuKou Road,Xiamen 2007

JiuTiao Road,Xiamen 2007

MianWa Road,Xiamen 2007

Passenger Terminal,Xiamen 2007

QiGan Road,Xiamen 2007

ShaPoWei North,Xiamen 2007

KaiHe Road,Xiamen 2007

ShaPoWei East,Xiamen 2007

ShaPoWei South,Xiamen 2007

ShaPoWei West,Xiamen 2007

Xiahe Road East,Xiamen 2007

Xiahe Road West,Xiamen 2007

SiMingNan Road,Xiamen 2007

11Jian,Xiamen 2007

Suncuo,Xiamen 2007

TuDiGongZu Road,Xiamen 2007

Tongwen Road,Xiamen 2007

Tuqi Road,Xiamen 2008

WuShiPu North,Xiamen 2007

WuShiPu South,Xiamen 2007

WuTongCheng Road,Xiamen 2007