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Plunder’s Picture 

In summer, there must be some other accidents brought by the sudden rainstorm, except fresh and cool. Some day in the summer of 2004, a rainstorm besieged me again under the arch of a house full of ghost story. Looking at the water drop after water drop, I seemed being indulging in the flight of fancy, or seemed being blank in my mind. In the mood of being bored to death, I unexpectedly saw a dimly and specious image from a left water on the surface of the road. The electric shaft and line, the street light and cloths stands and the jasmine secretly being out of short wall was voluntarily grouped as a graceful inverted image. From then on, just after the rain, just like a bridegroom who just throw the ring away, I became patrol every corner of the city by bending my head.

From then on I fall in love with the bothering plum rains season. The rain water brings us a reversed world that is just as colorful as everything beside us, as well as being out of order. The only difference is that the inverted image saved all of the characteristics, in other words, saved the real part of the real world, no meter it is a sight or a meter, male or female, CEO or farmer. The detail and identity are all washed by rain, just like the memory survived in mind. By the same way, the rain filtered the geographic characteristics, and blurred the differences that were just losing primarily among cities, only left the dream like scene and the heavy atmosphere of rain-is-coming. And the only part that connected with the actual scene is the contour line that almost to be abstract.

I like such kind of picture, for I am such kind of people that avoiding reality and seeking for illusion.

But at the beginning, although the photography was half asleep in prospect, it has fickle of water that full of ambiguous, and so sweet to get people fed up. If people read the picture carefully, they will find dull of reap without sowing, and can not be read by long time, just like the people of unrealistic. Afterwards I took some experiments and found surprisingly that the texture and uneven surface of the road is participating the creation of the inverted image and not only increased the diversity but also suggested strong motions.

One day I saw a shadow walking across in a hurry through my camera lens and I didn’t know it was he or she and where he/she was from and where he/she was heading for. But his/her anxiety and hurry in that moment was kept by the photo. Suddenly it came to my mind that what I was searching for in the raining water was the inverted reflections suggesting similar emotions of mine.  

With clear direction and enough patience, I saw the inverted images through raining water lying on the ground. What I did was just to press the button of the camera and bring them to real world by inverting them again in the computer. I got those images so easy and it was just like they came with wind. My only contribution was that I chose to use black and white film to express their purity.

 Black Cityscape No.2 2006

 Black Cityscape No.27 2006

 Black Cityscape No.6 2006

Black Cityscape No.62 2006

 Black Cityscape No.63 2006

 Black Cityscape No.61 2006

 Black Cityscape No.30 2006

 Black Cityscape No.31 2006

 Black Cityscape No.18 2006

Black Cityscape No.17 2006

 Black Cityscape No.14 2006

 Black Cityscape No.15 2006

 Black Cityscape No.1 2006

黑风景之二十六 Black Cityscape No.26 2007.jpg

Black Cityscape No.26 2007

黑风景之二十三 Black Cityscape No.23 2007.jpg

Black Cityscape No.23 2007

黑风景之二十五 Black Cityscape No.25 2007.jpg

Black Cityscape No.25 2007

黑风景之九 Black Cityscape No.9 2007.jpg

Black Cityscape No.9 2007

黑风景之七 Black Cityscape No.7 2005.jpg

Black Cityscape No.7 2005

黑风景之三 Black Cityscape No.3 2005.jpg

Black Cityscape No.3 2005

黑风景之三十二 Black Cityscape No.32 2007.jpg

Black Cityscape No.32 2007

黑风景之十二 Black Cityscape No.12 2006.jpg

Black Cityscape No.12 2006

黑风景之十九 Black Cityscape No.19 2006.jpg

Black Cityscape No.19 2006