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VIDEO|4 minute 50 seconds black and white single frequen


What does homesickness mean to our the homeless modern people? Odyssey Smoking is a clear set of images gradually revealed: a train is removing in the undulating sea with hesitation, shoring the wave. After a long clinging struggle, the train resolutely bears up for the vast ocean.

The name Odyssey Smoking came from the story of Bo Ya Learning to Play the Guqin : Bo Ya wanted to learn the Guqin from tutor Cheng Lian for three years, but he didn’t make it. Cheng Lian said: "My teacher Fang Zi chun is in the East Sea, whose music could move human beings." But once on board, Cheng left the ship with no excuse, and never came back. Bo Ya waited, but there was no one back, only the tempest-tossed sea, blew trees by wind and chirping birds. Bo Ya felt quiet sad, then he created a beautiful song which was known by everyone.

Through his video, TangNannan told us about the traditional Chinese culture: about waiting,close friends, ocean, boat trip… He built a train, which can move on water-a machine akin to a sea serpent. The main idea of this project transcends a single dimension: it shows how traditions rooted in the past are sometimes unpredictable and mysterious, like fate or destiny. TangNannan firmly holds to the virtue of Asian  people, to the feeling of sympathy and to love; fantastical space of this work is the artist’s boundless spirituality. The line between the sky and the sea is also an object of his harmonious narrative. Virtuous spirit and machine age merge together, becoming the main theme of this project. Black and white, light and shadow are indistinguishable ,it is impossible to understand in which year and age the action is taking place.