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VIDEO|5 minute black and white single frequency video 20


It was Dec.31st, 2012, my birthday. The temperature of the water was 7 degree, accompanied with high wind, huge waves, and a vague bird in distance. The breath became deeper and deeper, gradually fading into the water sound.

Finally the bird was close, with her wings flapping. A huge wave drowned us.

She floated on the water like a fish, even dipped her head into the water, cleaning her feathers, and thought. She made a great effort to get rid of the water, ahead of the next wave overwhelming her.

All of a sudden, a heavy object tied on her feet showed up, which dragged her down to the water. I turned back and swam to check, only to find a white bone. The feathers of her wings appeared indistinctly in waves. Inevitably, the huge wave came along, sweeping the white bone, me and the gasp together into the sea…