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The Southern Under World

Stop motion animation|5m00s/2017


The Southern Under World combines several Chinese mythological tales:“Vicissitudes of Time”,“Jingwei Tries to Fill the Sea”,“The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains”,“Change of Kun and Peng”,and so on. This video can be regarded as a different version of visual script that Tang Nannan has devised for the performance Continuum. The Northern Underworld is a shelter for a large divine fish who changes to Da Peng and files to the Southern Underworld. The Southern Underworld is an ideal land where the problem of recources and the identity issue are eventually dispelled. In order to reach the Southern Underworld we have to completely transform ourselves. The artist creates mountains with bombax bark, and creates seawaters with barked acacia, out of his conviction that plants store historical heritage inside, which are illustrative of all changes.(QiuZhijie)