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Less than Human

3'06'' / Color Video / 2019|


In November 2017, I took a taxi to Xiamen island for business, passing through Jimei bridge, and a 10 second electric car in parallel made me feel different. So I said to the driver: Master, I'll add 50 yuan to the fare. Please try to keep parallel with them. The driver was very cooperative. After I took out my cell phone and took a picture for about two minutes, we had to speed up to leave because the car in the back kept whistling to protest.

Since then, I often think of the two people on the electric car, maybe they are China in my eyes now.

A year later, I came to Xiamen again, hired two actors, tried to repeat the scene, and even added a huge piece of pork to the electric car. I took six shots, but I still didn't have the feeling of the scene captured by my mobile phone, so I kept the original shooting effect and edited it into “ZhiTu". 

"ZhiTu" is a Taiwanese language, which means play. It means to play aimlessly day and night.

But it's only a shaped work, so it hasn't been on display for three years. Until August 19, when I was in Zha Xi's summer ranch, I ran into another old woman walking alone after the heavy rain. The dash cam took a picture of the lonely woman on the horse and her accompanying horse. One is on the sea, one is on the plateau. It is only when "ZhiTu" and "Wuthering road" set off each other ,naturally complete.

《?迌Less than human》影片截图.jpg