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Seated Fish

7'21'' / Color Video / 2019|


After filming “Almost waking” I feel that turbulence needs more sensitive and intuitive presentation. In the impression, the beautiful sleeping posture should be "Shi Xiangyun's drunken Begonia". When the body relaxed to a certain state, any intense turbulence can be as comfortable as boating on the water, and then I thought of a very fat Shi Xiangyun.

Similarly, inspired by "Watery moon", I also thought about taking pictures of the feeling of drunken lying on the moon night in the midday sun, so at the jungle scene, the shade of trees is like a piece of nettles in the water, passing through the drunken body, just like a fish swimming in the moonlight. Sometimes, branches and weeds come into the camera, as if reaching out to wake up the drunk's family.

《卧鱼Seated fish》影片截图.jpg