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Wuthering Roads

7'12'' / Color Video / 2019|


In July 2019, because of the need to rush to Zha Xi's summer ranch for the shooting of "Legend of Tao Teh King", there was a sudden rainstorm on the way, and the heavy rain all over the sky confused the grassland, and the car jumped on the ancient road. Through the heavy rain and fog, there are tall horses fluttering, flocks wriggling in the water and grass, camels, as well as the hidden cows, walking in the wilderness......

The big water flooded the road, connected with grassland and puddles into a boundless wilderness. Lightning burst in front of us. Thunder blew on the roof of the car. Tibetan mastiff roared from far to near. Several herdsmen, on crutches, wrapped in Yak felt, stood in knee deep mud and stared at us. I don't know what they saw, but I saw the primitive life of nomadic tribes on the plateau for thousands of years To live, to see the great desolation and vagrancy of the flood era.

Finally, we drove out of the swamp and saw a figure on horseback from afar. We followed the horse slowly and watched the back of the horse. What a young man who was so lonely and eager to go. Because of her faint red hat, I smiled and said to Wei Shan: Zhaojun's going out of the fortress is probably like this,..... When the car overtakes her and her horse, I look back and see a resolute old face full of wind and frost. I suddenly realize that this should be Wang Zhaojun who has spent 50 years hard outside the great wall and is now like an arrow returning home.....