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A Boat Almost Waking

7’00'' / Color Video / 2019|


The way back to Zha Xi pasture in summer is extremely bumpy. I feel everything in my stomach turning out. The brain seems to leave the body in the fierce shaking, just like the waves in the sea. It is not able to think. Wei Shan of the same car grinned bitterly in the car a few days ago because he had worn his buttocks on a saddle free horse.

An hour later, I slowly remembered the experience of taking a boat on the sea, and began to relax myself slowly, swinging with the rhythm of the car bumping. This kind of thorough relaxation with the current makes me have a new experience of wandering around after drinking. It's not uncomfortable, but I can't help singing something along with the car's jump.

Suddenly I feel that the unbearable turbulence and the floating feeling after drinking are really a wonderful critical point that is difficult to balance.

Can't you make a work? What kind of animals can bear the bumps like me, and enjoy themselves without alcohol. I took it for granted that I thought of a calf, and then the composition of an ancient Chinese painting "banana leaves the guest" was formed.

With Zha Xi's help, a wobbly, floating tree and a 36 day old cow appear in this scene. Then, I slowed down to let the fierce turbulence on the grassland dissolve into the sea voyage.

《临醉之舟A boat almost waking》影片截图.jpg