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Watery Moon

7'50'' / Color Video / 2019|


On the plateau, almost all people read scriptures from primary school, when they have time for adulthood, and when they are older, they read Scriptures every day and night, and they can't walk all the way. This is not enough, but also by wind, fire, soil, water, mountains, stones, trees, wood to help them chant scriptures. So there are Paper wind horse, Wind Horse flag, Mani Dui, there are feeding mulberry and watermark Buddhist scriptures, and everything on the grassland will chant scriptures.

Every time I see the paper Wind Horse flying with the wind, I always sigh its wonderful and elegant, and I always feel that I should do something.

In my paintings of 13 to 14 years, I can often see many books floating from the sea to the air. I'm not a man of Scripture, but I like reading. At that time, I might hope to help me with my study with the help of the wind. One foggy morning, I came out of my tent and saw Wei Shan reading in the morning fog on the grassland. She read like a paper wind horse. The yellow leaves flew into the air. When I thought of Wei shan's graduation, I asked him where his work was going and told me that I just wanted to study and spend as much time as I could. In the 996 era, it's really a strange thing to only think about reading. However, it seems that Wei Shan is not difficult at all. Moreover, she always smiles and reads a lot of books lightly.

The paper in this work is the book, the wind is still the wind, but the horse, should be the horse in the sky, is Zhaxi and his carefree motorcycle.

《江清月Watery moon》影片截图.jpg