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Legend of Tao Teh King

5'17'' / Color Video / 2019|


Over the past few years, I have been interested in people and things moving in turbulence, specifically the state of turbulence. However, all chickens can keep their head in balance in any movement, which is very similar to a challenge. Zha Xi said that the sheep can also achieve this kind of state, no matter what happens, it is a indifferent expression. Naturally, I invited the brave Zha Xi and the numb sheep to gallop and jump on the grassland.

As we can see, no matter what happens to the motorcycle, the sheep always maintain the posture and expression that a sheep should have, and its vitality also remains in any state. In the same way, in his life, no matter how volatile, he also said to keep moving forward.

The reason why it's named "pass" is that no matter what pass, I think people's expression state should be the same. No matter what happens, what they can express can only be so limited, but life's great grandma is infinite.

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